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Camouflage color dog toy ball decompress bouncy ball

These camouflage ball toys are soft and have good bounce, great for playing and retrieving. Made from a quality natural rubber material that is non-toxic and chemical-free, safe for your pets to chew and play.

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Product Details

– Ideal for pet chewing, grabbing and playing, making your dog happy every day.
– Can help dog remove their habits of breaking items such as furniture, which can keep your home clean and tidy.
– Reduce the boredom and destructive behavior of your dog.
– Made premium material, safe for pet playing and chewing.





★Squeaky funny sound

★Help teeth Cleaning

★Non-toxic & safe

★Great for tug and toss play




Our pet-obsessed creative designers strive to be leaders in the pet industry with the most innovative products. We empower our designers to produce cutting-edge creations that we are proud and excited to bring to market.


Finest Quality:

We take great pride in the implementation of quality control ensuring final products meet our exacting specifications. We control each step from design to production to final testing and inspection before shipping.


Cost Control:

We offer the lowest factory direct price by optimizing cost and efficiency in purchasing materials in bulk and maximizing automated production.




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