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5 Tips when you import Pet Toys from China

The whole process of Import Pet Toys business from China is a big topic, It may take a lot of words if to make it clear. Here I have summarized 5 Tips important based on my experience:

  • Purchasing directly from Pet Toys manufacturer
  • Don’t care more about the price
  • Take attention to The new design or new product
  • The mold costs can be refunded
  • A reliable forwarder is very necessary

1. Purchasing directly from Pet Toys manufactures

There are many different kinds of suppliers in China for pet toys, Manufacturers, Trading companies, Suppliers in domestic wholesale markets, Sourcing agents or sourcing companies, Small wholesalers or drop shippers, Wholesalers of overstocks, how you know you find is a real factory?

  • Check their business license

You can ask the supplier to send their business license to you, you can check the “经营范围Business Scope” in the license, if there are“Manufacturer 生产加工制造” in it, they are factory.

sample picture
  • Check their business address

If their address metioned industrial zone, the door number is Number+road name,it is a manufacturer. If their address metioned office building, it is large probalbility a trading company.

sample address
sample address
  • Check their Products Catalogue

A common factory usually is specialized in one or several kinds of products, if there are lots of kinds of products in your supplier’s catalog, then we can confirm it is a trading company.

  • Visit their factory

The effective way to confirm the supplier whether a manufacturer is to visit them, you can see their workshop, production line, packing shop and warehouse

  • Give video call with them to see the factory

If you are inconvenient come to China to visit the factory, you also can check the factory by video call, by wechat, whatsapp and other chat tools.

2. Don’t care more about the price

Many people only pay attention to the price when importing pet toys from China. They think that the lower the price, the supplier is better, but this is not the truth. We all know that you will get what you pay for, and the low-priced items will have lower quality.

You need to shop around and choose the most suitable instead of the best. After bargaining, if they lower the price, make sure that they have not taken shortcuts in quality, otherwise, there will be quality risks. don’t try to save a little and end up losing a lot.

It is better for you to confirm the samples before the production of the bulk goods, and then after the bulk goods are produced, entrust a third party like SGS or your friends in China to inspect the goods to ensure that the quality is qualified.

dog toy

3. Take attention on The new design or new product

In importing business, timely and accurate information is priceless. Especially in this Pet toy industry, you should always keep an eye on trends and what products your competitors are selling. You should keep good communication with your supplier, you can ask them what the latest product is in this quarter. You have to get the most popular products for the first time to sell and earn more money in the first place.

4. The mold costs can be refunded

If you have your own design on the Pet Toys, you maybe need to ask the manufacturer to make a new mould for you. if so, The factory Their founder or manager needs to have a highly technical background, the factory need to have its own injection production department, the more important is Mould and mouldings are at a reasonable price, Because they will ask for a new mould charge from you, from hundreds to thousands. But these mould costs can be refunded when your quantity reach their requirement. The required quantity and the way how to refund are all need to be confirmed in the contract.

5. A reliable forwarder is very necessary

If you have some experience in the import business, you will know a reliable forwarder is really needed. The reliable forwarder can get a better price on the shipping freight, booking the shipping space for you in time. they know all the documents to each country, it will avoid more risk when you do customs clearance in your destination port.

You need to provide the Destination port name, Item Name, packing details to your forwarder before the mass production completed. If you are the first time in business, please you can ask your supplier to introduce a forwarder to you, experienced manufacturers all have their good cooperated forwarder.

dog balls

Thank you for your reading. I hope this article can help you when you plan to import pet toys from China. Are you going to start your import journey? Or Maybe some points in this post leave you puzzled. Either way, please feel free to contact me.

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