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Amazing Cute Dog Toys That Will Help Scale Your Pet Toys Business

cute dog toy

With a plethora of dog toys on sale and the pet toys manufacturing factories and companies in the industry always on edge in designing new and unique toys every day, cute dog toys are becoming more popular nowadays among many parenting pet families. Most pet owners today are shopping for cute dog toy aesthetics while pet store owners, suppliers, and the distributors in the supply chain are also demanding for unique wholesale cute dog toys from the manufacturers to meet this huge and still growing market demand.

Just like your own kids at home, finding your pooch an adorable and lovely cute dog toy will save you a lot of pet-related stress as a new or experienced owner as well. We all know how a bored, anxious, lonely, or stressed dog can be. Not to mention that your furniture, shoes, and carpet will get the best of your canine friend’s chewy jaws, or the constant traumatizing barking and unrest you’ll have to endure in your home because your pooch never gets any playtime, or they are just growing anxious because they are in a new family.

Engaging your dog with a couple of cute trendy dog toys available today will make your furry friend more comfortable, relaxed, and healthier, and even help in training them and fostering good behavior while also nurturing their emotional intelligence and bettering their social behavior. 

Spending quality time and enjoying their playtime while you or most of the family are away from home can make all the difference between having a bored and destructive pet or having a happy, calm, healthy, and active pet. In this article, we’ll delve more into why cute dog toys are such a buzz for pet store owners and parenting pet owners alike.

cute dog toy
Xin Yi Dog Toy

What toys make dogs happy?

All dog toys that are available in your local pet store are designed to help your pooch have fun as they play, stimulate their intelligence through mental activity while playing with you or as they play with other pets, and even stimulate their natural instincts as well depending on the specific design of the dog toy available.

While different dog breeds will prefer playing with some dog toys compared to others, at XY Pet Toys we always have our in-house pro-tester (Alex) help us understand which pet toys arouse the most play interest in pets and deserve to be down our assembly line. Often than not, the logic behind a favorite pet toy in our dog toys products is based on the psyche (the jumpings) and the morale that’s shown by our in-house pooch–Alex whenever we bring him any toys from the design unit.

Over time we’ve seen a pattern that stimulates most excitement amongst even other guest testers that we bring to our firm’s playing park. Our pooch and other guests we bring over will always spend more time and become super active while playing with colorful toys , rolling rubber toys, stuffed animal like toys , and pet toys that make noise (squeak) from our pet toys basket collection.

Plush and Squeaky Dog Toys

Stuffed soft toys are a huge favorite of dogs because of the squeaky sounds they make when bit while playing. This squeaking encourages the natural preying instinct in dogs as these furry friends from the wolves many years ago and the preying instinct is deep down printed in their DNA. 

Other dogs are observed to enjoy cuddling, snuggling, or just carrying their soft plush toys around creating a sense of great companionship. This is especially comforting as the plush toys help the pets relax and rid of anxiety whenever the pets are left alone themselves or they are simply in just a new family.

Dog Toys for playing Fetch

Some dogs are huge adrenaline ‘junkies’ no matter what — especially the young pups. These pets never get tired or seem to have enough when it comes to playing fetch with a freezable or toss and catch with a rubber ball.

Chasing down prey is a dog’s natural instinct and pups’ curiosity makes them notorious for this. They’ll be running all over the place whether it’s playtime or not, morning or evening, during the day or night. This is especially great for your pet’s overall well-being as it’s great for exercising their muscles, and jaws and running is a natural exercise for dogs. This is why your pooch probably gets more excited and loves playing fetch, toss, or tug more with their every new toy compared to other games.

cute dog toy
TPR dog toy

Do dogs get attached to toys?

The most important part of any fun and quality time while with your pet is when you, yes You, play with them as their owner and caring companion. In most cases, we’ve found out that pet owners are the hidden secret as to why different pets will love a particular toy compared to other pet toys in their home.

Many dogs are easily bored and lose interest in their regular toys very fast, especially when on most occasions they are left alone to play with the toys by themselves. However, you’ll notice that your pet’s face will immediately light up and actually become more energetic and playful as soon as you come into the picture as they play with their toys. 

When pets are involved in fun and stimulating games with their owners playing around with them, it makes all the difference and means a whole new world to them. This makes them prefer playing with a given toy more, say rope toys, because they love it more when playing tug with their owner other than just playing with a rolling ball on their own. 

So yes, dogs can really get attached to particular toys and even become selfish and a bit aggressive when another pet comes around and tries to take their favorite toy away from them.

Where to get wholesale cute dog toys for your pet store  business

Aesthetically pleasing dog toys are what pet store businesses and many pet owners consider as they plan for shopping their canine friend a new pet toy. We all agree that every dog needs a toy, right? An active, cute, and well-behaved dog definitely deserves a cute dog toy to play around with while at home.

If you are thinking of ordering and shipping a couple of cute dog toys for your pet toy business or you are simply considering supplying wholesale cute dog toys from the manufacturers to other distributors and pet store owners, then XY Pet Toys is the best wholesale cute dog toys manufacturing company that you can partner with. 

At XY Pet Toys we will help you select the best-performing pet toys according to market demand within your region and locality, We’ll help you scale your inventory and product reach in the industry, and finally work around the clock to make sure your orders are delivered on time to always meet your customer’s needs. Here are our best performing cute trendy dog toys you should consider for entertaining and comforting your canine friend at home and improving your pet toys business ROI at work;

Cute dog toys for puppies

Many pet owners will tell you how important keeping an active pup occupied is, else, your furniture, shoes, and carpet might sign up for the role of constant gnawing and chewing especially from a teething young canine friend. For puppies and other small dogs, a cute pet toy will offer a great opportunity for bonding between new pet owners and their furry pup or make a new pup feel comfortable and welcomed to their new home. 

A good dog toy will also come in handy when doing positive enrichment, training, and shaping the behavior of your cute pups as well. Here’s our best industry performing collection from XY Pet Toys  cute dog toy for puppies to get your small canine friend as a welcome home toy:

Small Puppy Toys

All dog breeds (whether big or small) love playing with pet toys. However, as a pet toy supplier, distributor, or pet owner, there are safety considerations and other important factors that you should consider before making that transaction for your new pet toy orders. A good dog toy for your pup will offer great comfort and can really go a long way in fostering positive behavior and mental enrichment for your canine friend whenever you two are out playing.

Safe puppy toys should be relatively small enough to fit in their small mouth and light enough for their paws. Your pet should basically be able to play with their toys without any stress otherwise it will be very frustrating whenever they have their playtime. So depending on the size of your dog, you should consider getting them a pet toy they’ll be able to play with easily.

cute dog toy
cute dog toy

Cute dog toys for aggressive chewers

No matter how expensive and strong some dog toys are, your dog is probably one of those pets that will never go a week long with a new dog toy. Some aggressive chewers like the Labradors, Great Danes, or Dachshunds are known to even tear up a tough dog toy within the first hour of playing with their new toy. This is totally fine for these dog breeds as one of their primal instincts is tearing up prey to satisfy the dental chew urge.

Now when it comes to these aggressive dog breeds, what you want to look out for when considering a cute dog toy for them is try and get them a dog toy that’s quite indestructible, tough, and durable. Essentially you want to go for a dog toy that’s made with a material that will be able to withstand constant gnawing and chewing by their new brutal aggressive owner. You’ll be shocked at how soft and cuddly these aggressive breeds can become when they find their cute match.

It’s especially better if such a toy is creatively designed so that it can be stuffed with dog food or other treats as trying to get the treats deters them from destroying their toy. Your dog will literally carry around their new toy friend all over the house when they bond with their new cute dog toy.

Cute indestructible dog toys

Safe pet toys are best when it comes to training your dog, stimulating mental and physical exercise, and of course, adding more fun during your playtime with your furry family friend. A long-lasting pet toy is the best and most in-demand dog toy among many parenting pet families for their positive enrichment training and nurturing of the natural survival skills your pet inherited from their ancestors.

According to  Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, and the author of best selling Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness  he affirms that “The best toys for pets should really help replicate a pet’s natural behavior and foster in them that more as they play with their toys.”

For your pet store business to be the one-stop shop for all pet toy accessories, you really have to make sure there’s an assortment of pet toys for different dog breeds. Cute dog toys will greatly impact your revenue as they are pleasing for both the pets and their owners as well.

Final thoughts on cute dog toys

Having a few amazing cute dog toys around in a pet shop or in your apartment as a parenting pet family not only puts you among the golden 1% of the aesthetic and caring pet owners but also you stand out in rejuvenating and emotionally developing your furry friend to be an all-rounded and wholistic family pet companion.

The aesthetics will not only draw your pet store business to more customers in the long run, but they’ll also influence and make sure any pet owner who walks in your store feels the pet-loving aura emanating from your pet toys collection. Cute dog toys will definitely improve your numbers at the store and will ultimately enhance any dog breed’s emotional intelligence as well.

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