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Why are Rubber Dog Balls Great Pet Toys for Dogs and your Pet Store Business More?

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How do you keep your dog entertained and amused for hours and hours of play? You could get them a new Christmas toy, or take them to the park for some playtime for sure. But if you’re looking for something more appealing, interactive, fun, and safe – rubber dog balls are the perfect toy solution for your pooch and any pet store business out there in the pet toy industry!

Rubber dog balls are great for many reasons but most importantly, their pride is in the high-quality TPR (thermoplastic rubber) raw material used during manufacturing. TPR makes dog toys last longer despite your dog’s most vigorous chews and extended playtime. Rubber Dog Balls come in different sizes and chew levels so they can be tailored to your pet’s needs.

Had enough yet?

Well, here’s more… The greatness doesn’t stop there! Not only are rubber dog ball toys great for pets, but they are also perfect for owners of pet stores who want their customers to have a good shopping experience as they visit their stores. As a business owner in the pet industry, you know how important it is to have high-quality pet products. Rubber-dog-ball pet toy offers them all plus more!

Read on and get to know why rubber dog balls are so awesome for pets, pet owners, and more importantly for your pet store retail business.

wholesale Dog Toy China
wholesale Dog Toy China

The Benefits of Rubber Dog Balls as Pet Toys–Why do dogs love them?

Dogs love chewing on things but sometimes it is hard to find the right thing for them to chew on. As a responsible pet owner, you want a toy that will help keep your furry friend’s teeth clean while giving them some fun playtime. Your pet needs exercise for healthy development. Sadly enough, not all dogs are motivated by their owners to get out there and play all the time. If you’re among the many pet owner who runs busy schedules and you don’t want your pooch all alone and bored by themselves, then a rubber ball toy for dogs might just save the day!

Since not all rubber dog toys are made the same, we have featured this post to help you understand the benefits of rubber ball pet toy products in improving your pet’s overall wellbeing.

1.Rubber Ball Toys for Dogs are sure way to keep your pet entertained

In helping entertain both big dogs and small puppies, rubber treat ball and rubber squeaky ball for dogs are among the best rubber ball dog toys you can get for your pet.

These rubber ball pet toys will not only entice your furry pooch to play and stay active but the squeaky sound and the kibble treats spilling as your pooch plays out will keep them occupied with hours of fun. The interactive games with the treat-dispensing toys are great for brain stimulation while the squeakers enhance dogs’ primal sense of hearing.

With these combinations in your home, dogs’ separation anxiety and unnecessary barking from boredom will now be at bay.

2. The Safety of Dog Toy Rubber Balls to Pets’ Health

Besides the benefits of rubber dog ball toys as a great way to keep your pet entertained, dog rubber balls can also be beneficial for your pet’s overall health. They get structurally better especially when the toy is meant to keep them physically active.

Among the most persistent challenges experienced by pet owners in raising a well-behaved and trained pet is the need to maintain and keep their dog healthy–especially for clean dental hygiene. Tartar and plaque buildup is risky for your dog as they can lead to infections, loose teeth, periodontal diseases, and bad breath.

However, with rubber dog toys, you won’t have to be much concerned with infections or teething pups anymore. The rubber toys are specifically designed to encourage a dog’s natural chewing behavior. And as your pet is wholly immersed in the interesting chewing, rubber dog balls act as a dental massaging toy that fights tartar build-up and plaque

3. Rubber Balls Offers Pets a Million Different Games with just One Toy

Rubber dog ball toys are great for pups and big dogs as well for playing different games. From having rubber balls that can bounce ridiculously up high, your dog will always be enjoying a warm night’s sleep after exhausting all his energy during the day chasing his favorite ball toy. With balls that are just a little super light to float on water, you and your furry friend will never leave the pool or the sandy beaches at all with a buoyant dog toy around.

If you love the old-school vibe, getting the large and solid rubber ball that only rolls will take your dog all their paw and muscle strengths to roll their toy on the floor. Better still, a dog rubber ball with holes can be made to be more interactive by filling it with your dog’s favorite snack for mental games of “make me spill some treats please.”

With rubber ball toys, it’s almost certain that you and your canine friend will be playing all sorts of games from fetch to tug of war, to toss, or even hide and seek at the park, rubber balls are interactive dog toys that are great companions for your pet.

4. Rubber Dog Balls are Exceptionally Great for Dog’s Daily Physical and Mental Exercises

Rubber dog balls are valuable to dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes as they can be used for helping your dog physically and mentally exercise. Rubber balls stimulate your dog’s physical exercise as it encourages them to run, fetch and play.

Rubber dog balls also stimulate your pup’s mental exercise as it requires them to focus their attention on the rubber ball in order to make sure it never slips away from them while they are playing with it.

With all the above-discussed benefits, dog toy balls prove to be essential for a dog’s holistic development and in inculcating good behaviors to dogs during training.

Xin Yi Dog Rubber Ball Toys
Xin Yi Dog Rubber Ball Toys

Top 5 Gains in Selling Rubber Dog Balls in Your Pet Store

Wholesale rubber dog balls for pets are a great, yet simple business opportunity especially for both local and regional pet store owners. They are a product that’s great for everyone, from puppies to old dogs, any pet will definitely have a favorite dog ball toy in their toy basket.

With rubber dog balls fetching crazy wholesale prices, pet store owners can now sell rubber dog balls for a profit and skyrocket their business within no time. Business growth in the pet toy industry is happening at a bullet’s speed. This is because rubber ball toys are becoming pet owners’ most popular private label dog toys for they’re extremely durable, customizable, and they stand the test of time

Because we’ve dug all the market reports, let us take you through how rubber dog balls are helping pet store businesses in 2021.

1. Rubber Dog Balls Wholesale Have the Best Factory Prices–Profound margins!

According to an analysis report by the world’s largest market research store, Research, and Markets, they state that the dog ball pet-toy category is expected to grow at 5.7% CAGR (Capital Anual Gwroth Rate) by the year 2027. With a market size worth the US $278.6 million in the Covid (2020) year, this category is estimated to grow to the US $411.6 million worth market size by the end of the analysis period.

This implies that rubber dog balls will continue being popular and the most sought pet toy from the manufacturers. distributors, suppliers, and store retailers who want to enter this market for a fruitful long run!

Rubber dog balls can be cheap if you have the right manufacturer by your side to offer bulk dog rubber balls at competitive wholesale factory prices. Or you could fill out our Get Free Quote Now form to get a personalized quote on all our product lines. Even for personalized/customizable orders and private label products as well!

2. Dog Balls Offer an Awesome Experience with Variety of Bright Colors and Sizes

From large rubber balls for dogs to small dog bouncy balls, filling your pet store inventory with various ball designs and colors is what you want to attract more customers to your pet shop. Colors have always been the make or break of any product on the market. Combining these two factors will make your store a one-stop-shop for all pet luxuries and necessities.

Size lays a huge step when a customer is buying any dog ball product. You want to have everything from small to medium to large rubber balls and cater to all your customers’ preferences. Owners with bigger dogs will prefer a large solid rubber ball so that their pet never finds themselves in a situation where they’ve swallowed a small ball toy. On the other hand, owners with smaller dog breeds will consequently prefer small dog balls that are just light and attractive enough for the pooch to carry around.

And just like us, dogs are visual animals. For this reason, they’ll prefer brighter colors more for their toys than the dull ones. This makes playing fetch more interesting as they can follow their toy wherever it’s thrown without much hassle. Radiating color selection is also great in complimenting your store’s interior design and selling an amazing experience from the onset.

Therefore, a pet store’s rubber ball section is the main revenue supporting pillar of the business. Thriving in pet toy industry will therefore demand careful handling and an ample section of rubber toys display space to get more toy options available to pet parents.

3. Solid rubber Dog Ball Toys are Durable, Machine-Washable, and Long-Lasting

Customer relationship and retention are the ultimate goals for any business, whether a startup or a Fortune 500 company. And with rubber dog toys around your store, you won’t break a neck trying to get your customers to come and shop again. The quality, longevity, and durability of rubber dog ball toys will do all the marketing and CRM on your behalf.

Every dog rubber ball toy at our factory is designed to last for a very long while, if not a couple of years despite the constant daily stress, gnaw, and mechanical pressure that dogs put them through. Your customers will build trust in the pet products you list in your store as they won’t need to keep stocking up rubber balls every month or so. Rubber ball toys are made with such strong rubber that pet owners can use them as chew toys for dogs too!

Having pet toys that can be washed is the satisfaction of any pet use. The advantage of this is that you can easily kill germs off your pet’s toys and wash away their drool after long hours of playtime.

As your customers build trust in one of your products, the love gets equally shared with the rest of the pet products that are found in your store. This explains how the “ripple effect” of one awesome product enhances the gross sales of all the other products in one store.

4. Shipping Wholesale Orders of Rubber Dog Balls is Easy, Safe and Cost-Effective

You can imagine how much time, effort, and cost it takes to ship products that are extremely heavy and take up much space in the shipping trucks and warehouses. Cutting down on such expensive costs will save your business lots of money that can be channeled for growth in other avenues, say marketing.

Rubber balls for dogs offer the best wholesale and business revenue deals since they pack pretty light and take much lesser space in the warehouse compared to other pet products. Rubber toy balls can be shipped 100 balls per box, allowing your orders to arrive in excellent conditions and your customers to purchase rubber dog toys in bulk from your store without exerting extra effort or spending more on logistics costs.

Shipping rubber pet toy balls to international customers is easy too as rubber is fairly light and cheap. With rubber dog toy wholesale prices, you can easily ship rubber balls to other countries without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. You can Choose from a Number of Different Pet Toy Textures, Patterns, Themes and Designs

The flexibility of pet toy products in a pet shop guarantees a conversion from any visitor that comes window-shopping in your store. However, to achieve this, it requires pet store managers and directors to plan their rubber dog ball toy assortment carefully around different themes, patterns, textures, and designs to hit maximum rubber ball dog toys sales.

Different rubber dog toys will work well with different types of customers and pets, from the ones who love cute games to the ones who want more challenging and interactive games. Giving each of these prospects something to take home will hugely impact your pet store community.

With rubber dog ball designs at XY Pet Toys, you can choose from spiky rubber ball dog toys, rubber bouncy balls for dogs, rubber squeaky dog balls, to even hollow rubber dog balls throughout the year. These designs are tailored to capture any dog’s interest with just addition that stimulates their natural urge for play.

Xin Yi Dog Toy Football
Xin Yi Dog Toy Football

Stock up Your Store with these Rubber Dog Toy Types Today!

1. TPR Bouncy Floating Ball Teeth Cleaning Spiky Ball Squeaky Toy for Dogs

This is a great soft rubber squeaky dog ball for your dog. It is made of food-grade material TPR that’s safe and non-toxic to pet’s health. The dog ball can be chewed by dogs or used as a teething toy for puppies.

The Bouncy Floating Ball dog toy has an attractive and colorful outlook and a different buoyant design for outdoor and pool or beach play. The TPR bouncy ball can be played with your dog to help maintain clean dental health and massage gums for teething dogs.

You can play fetch or toss with your pet using this toy, it will bring you both fun! It also makes funny squeaky sounds when the dog bites it, which will make your pet more interested to play.

2. TPR Material Bite Resistant Luminous Bobo Ball For Dogs

Pet Luminous Floating Ball Durable Glow In The Dark Ball
Pet Luminous Glow In The Dark Ball

The Luminous Bobo toy is a lightweight, durable rubber ball that glows in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark feature allows for extended playtime even when the sun goes down. Whether outside in the park or just indoors in your dog’s pet playing arena, Luminous Bobo is perfect for any environment.

Made to be safe for dogs to chew on and interact with, this durable yet soft luminous polymer material helps reduce your pup’s boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior.

Like a super-bright rubber ball, the Bobo Ball is made from an earth-friendly natural TPR rubber that creates the perfect balance of resilience and high bounces for keeping your dog more entertained as they chase and fetch their toy.

3. TPR Soft Rubber Watermelon Dog Chew Toy

dog toy watermelon ball
dog toy watermelon ball

The soft watermelon-shaped rubber ball has a serrated surface that can be stuffed with treats and releases the tasty treats as a reward for your pup’s hard work. the process stimulates and encourages canine intelligence by having them figure out how to retrieve those hidden goodies from the hefty chew toy too!

With a durable and high-quality rubber material used in manufacturing, the toy is safe for pets to bite and is definitely made to last! Pets benefit from entertainment while still having a fresh breath all day long after chewing our toy ball which gives them a chance to clean their teeth.

Having a soft TPR material cares for sensitive gums and provides a healthy way to manage those nerve-wracking boredom-barking sessions that seem impossible for any pet owner to ignore. The toy helps stimulate physical exercise for your pooch and helps foster a strong bond between you and your pet.

4. Dog Training Tool TPR Dog Treat Ball Natural Rubber

TPR Dog Toy Ball
TPR Dog Toy Ball

Let your pet have fun while they eat with this Dog Training Tool TPR Dog Treat Ball Natural Rubber ball. While being made of a healthy rubber material. this treat ball is a great dog toy that can be used for both plays and for training.

Made from natural, non-toxic ingredients, this treat-dispensing ball is one way to ensure you’re giving your pet all the things they need while having fun doing it. With an innovative hollow rubber dog ball design, the toy lets you add treats to the inside without breaking it open.

This product is also great because its non-toxic material makes it safe for pets of all sizes to chew on without harming them!

5. Dog Tooth Cleaning Rubber Ball

TPR Double Layer Dog Footall Toy
TPR Double Rubber Dog Ball

Squeak away the plaque off your pup’s teeth with this awesome and dental healthy rubber dog toy. The design of this toy is a rubber dog toy with another ball inside. A new technology to effectively enhance the durability of the ball toy using a double ball pattern.

Guaranteed to make your pet’s teeth super-clean and prevent periodontal infections. Made with a tough TPR rubber material, these toys will surely last a long time.

Mix in some treats or kibble into the toy grooves as well to your pooch occupied for even longer periods of time with their favorite toy. If your dog enjoys playing fetch, during mealtime you could try teasing them by tossing this ball and see how crazy they’ll go after their rubber ball.

Final Thoughts on Rubber Dog Balls

As pet stores, one of the most difficult aspects of running a business is keeping your inventory up to date with what’s new in terms of trends. Rubber dog balls have been a favorite among pet owners over the past 5 years and this is expected to even go way up in the coming years with so many homes in Europe and America getting new pets post-Covid.

Rubber dog balls offer many benefits to both parenting pet owners, pets, as well as your pet store business. If you want to find out more about how rubber dog balls can increase your store’s revenue, contact us today and we’ll help you figure out your problem!

We’re also happy to answer any questions about our dog toys discounts and wholesale prices or anything else related to owning a dog toy business.


1. Are rubber balls safe for dogs?

Rubber balls for dogs are safe toys for any dog breed. However, you want to make sure that your dog size matches the dog ball size you want to get them. Bigger dogs should get bigger balls while smaller dogs should get smaller to medium ball sizes. This helps prevent choking hazards when dogs are playing unsupervised.

2. What are the best balls for dogs?

There are many best balls that you can buy for your four-legged furry friend on the market today. However to get a comprehensive list of the best dog ball toys, check out this post to get a list of all the best rubber balls for dogs in 2022!

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