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The 6 Hot Wholesale Dog Toys in 2021

Dog Toy wholesale and supplier

While there are many dogs chew toys in the market today, –safe, healthy and best quality toys are what many pet lovers are after when shopping around. For this reason, your store should be keen on supplying toys that will stimulate mental enrichment, physical exercise, and benefit the dental health of pets and their overall well-being when it comes to pet toys.

Before looking at the wide range of the top wholesale pet toys that we provide for the best value option to fill and maintain your inventory, you might wonder? Why tap into this commercial avenue?

Why Pet Toys Wholesale?

About 25% of the population in the UK are parenting pet lovers with over 10 million pets in their homes. According to Future Market Insights report, the global pet industry attracts $75 billion in revenue as a whole with the pets’ toys niche contributing a fair share of $2,552.1. 

In such a lucrative market, chew toys are a top-selling category in the industry and have an expected significant CAGR (capital annual growth rate)  of 7.2% by the year 2031. 

This is why you should really give this dog toys business considerable thought!

Now without further ado, let’s save some pups from chewing on shoes or carpets and take a look at the 6 best, interactive, and hot wholesale dog toys in the market today. We base our recommendations and tests on;

  • Glowing Dog Toy Balls
  • Dog Treat Dispensing Toys
  • Durable Dog Rubber Chew Toys 
  • Dog Plush Toys
  • Dog Cotton Rope Toys
  • Dog Toy Set

Glowing Dog Toy Balls

Some pet owners run a busy daily schedule, Glowing Dog Toy Balls really help them play with their pets at any time of the day, especially at night –after work when it’s unquestionably dark.

 In a rapidly evolving pet toy industry, glow-in-the-dark pet playing toys are drawing unprecedented wholesale demand.

However, it’s important to note, glowing toys are more for playing an evening game of fetch despite most pet owners using them as chew toys during the day.

 Nonetheless, dogs will love to chase after a fluorescent and bouncing glow in the dark ball. This engages their primal sense of sight and also stimulates their mental and physical activities during play-time in the dark.

The amazing thing with glowing toys is that it’s quite hard to lose and destroy the illuminated thermoplastic rubber ball toys compared to the old tennis balls that get shred by aggressive chewing breeds within a few days.

From our check, here are the top picks that you should undoubtedly feature in your inventory when stocking up your pet toys section;

Pet Luminous Floating Ball Durable Glow In The Dark Ball
Pet Luminous Floating Ball Durable Glow In The Dark Ball

TPR Material Bite Resistant Luminous Bobo Ball for Pets

High tear, flexural fatigue, and abrasion resistance qualities are what make the Luminous Bobo Ball for Pets a high-end product. 

In addition to their superb bouncing, the natural and non-toxic TPR material used during production is soft, eco-friendly, and safe for chewing and teething dogs alike.

Bobo ball can be used to play fetch and also help teeth cleaning. The ball maintains fresh and elegant dental health for chewing pets. This Bite resistant pet ball is cost-effective and charges up from UV light for an energetic and intense glow.

The ball has protruding spikes on the surface for gripping and makes a funny squeaky sound especially when chewed, this encourages pets to stay and play even more in open fields while putting an end to boredom and destructive in-door dog behaviors.

The luminous Bobo ball comes in all sizes and can vary in weight from 100, 60, and 32 grams making it commendable and safe for old and young dogs altogether.

Pet Luminous Floating Ball Durable Glow in The Dark Chew Dragon Pet Toy

Produced from ultra-durable, non-toxic, phthalate, and BPA chemical-free natural rubber material, this variation of the luminous-Bobo-ball pet toy is soft and also smooth on the surface.

In the dark, the ball glows a luminous Dragon graffiti on the surface and squeaks to encourage interest in playing chew. 

`Although dogs can play chew with this ball, pet owners find it good for playing fetch with its tip-top high bounce and a vivid luminous glow in the darkness.

The luminous dragon Bobo ball comes in one size –8cm diameter and weighs 128 grams making it a safe toy for your pet to play with.

Dog Treat Dispensing Toys

Most pet owners would rather find their pets occupied with a treat-dispensing toy than leave them isolated, lonely, anxious, stressed, and bored without care.

Treat-dispensing toys are a great deal and concern in families with pets. Not only is it interesting to watch your pet physically engaged when working for treats, but also, it’s amazing that treat toys make your dog smarter and stimulates your pet’s mental activity, plus they gladden their natural urge to chew.

Dogs treat-dispensing toys also make mealtime more fun and exciting in addition to helping and encouraging slow feeding for paced and healthier digestion. Untrained dogs risk bloating their stomach when they gobble their food during mealtime.

When placing your wholesale order for the evergreen durable and interactive dog treat-dispensing toy items, we found the following line of products to be worth your investment.

Soft Rubber Natural Dog Chew Toy

Enrich both meal and play-time while you satisfy your dog’s curiosity and their natural chewy urge with the Soft Rubber Natural Dog Chew Toy that’s specifically designed for a long-lasting and quiet fun affair.

This toy is a great choice for owners that long for a multitasking toy.
this treat dispenser can relieve your dog’s stress and mood as a healthy dental chew toy as well.

The rubber treat ball can be filled with treats, while the featured opening on the surface can spill the food to reward your pet for active and interactive play.

The textured TPR rubber is safe, soft, and gentle on teeth and gums making the toy hygienic and commendable for teething pups.

This Soft Rubber Natural Dog Chew Toy is durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and dishwasher safe–making it an ideal chew and treat-dispensing toy.

dog Dispensing Toy Ball
dog Dispensing Toy Ball

Food Dispenser for Cats & Dogs

Multitasking toys are the new favorite for most petting families, and this is the precise innovation behind this product. Serving your pet fully–from mind to the actual feeding.

A mind-stimulating toy increases your dog’s IQ as they interact and try to figure out how their new toy can be influenced to reward more treats and snacks when playing. This makes it even more ideal for enriching physical and mental exercises as well.

This toy is also an excellent trainer for breeds with indigestion problems resulting from poor eating habits in dogs that eat their food in a few seconds 

Uniquely tumbler designed, this toy has a weighted base with two balancing wheels that will move back and forth when the toy is struck. As the toy moves, treats, kibbles, or dog snacks spills out rewarding your dog for a good shot

The transparent casing and a featured opening attracts your dog to engage the toy even more playfully for treats from their heightened sight and sniff senses

Created for both dogs and cats, this universal treat toy is made of non-toxic and high-quality, eco-friendly ABS plastic material that is safe for pet biting and playing.

Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy
Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy

Durable Dog Rubber Chew Toys

Many pet owners agree that the best dog rubber toys are the ones that aren’t too soft or too tough either, but are super durable and can hold up against heavy ripping chewers for quite a while as dental chew toys.

Dogs explore the world through their mouth, and when left unsupervised and locked indoors, all this unsettling energy can lead to bad and destructive chewing behaviors. 

If your dog doesn’t have a rubber dog toy to play with and channel all that energy to positive chewing, then your jeans, carpet, and wallet might reduce their boredom 

Bite-resistant dog rubber toys are designed for easy chewing and helping keep dogs active and engaged. In addition to satisfying their natural urge to a happy chew and bites, during play, the rubber toy will also freshen your dog’s breath and promote their dental strength 

When comparing materials used, and pet safety; the following products from our production line proved to be healthy, bite resistant, and non-toxic for maintaining your dogs’ oral health and playtime.

Rainbow Slide Rubber Gear Molar Chews Wholesale Pet Dog Toys

Particularly designed to encourage both small and large dogs to clean their teeth while playing, the RSRGMC Wholesale pet dog toy can forgo dog’s chews for a long time.

Engineered according to the dog’s teeth characteristics, the dental gear toy has molar protrusions and bristles orderly arranged at 360° across the gear plates. This effectively cleans and massages the gums and teeth of your dog as they play.

This toy comes in a visually attractive full rainbow of colors that will draw your pet’s morale to play. 

Additionally, smearing spreadable treats like peanut butter or dog toothpaste on the gears will entice your pet’s interest to play more regularly. This is very beneficial in preventing oral infections resulting from tartar and plaque build-up in dogs with poor oral hygiene.

The RSRGMC wholesale Pet Dog Toys are made with high quality, safe, and eco-friendly non-toxic TPR natural material rubber. They come in different sizes depending on your dog’s size. Both heavy and light chewing breeds can play with this chew toy.

The smaller size measures 7cm in diameter and weighs 55grams for smaller pups while the larger size measures 13.5 cm in diameter and measures up to 110 grams for big dogs.

Rainbow Slide Rubber Gear Molar Chews Wholesale Pet Dog Toys
Rainbow Slide Rubber Gear Molar Chews Wholesale Pet Dog Toys

Dog Plush Toys

Plush toys can be used to foster relationships, teach your pet important behaviors and skills, and generally make their life more comfortable and warm especially when feeling anxious and lonely.

 Primarily, plush toys are cute, stuffed designer animals with an enticing squeaker or some other fun-attracting noise-maker when touched. Dogs love chewing and are motivated to play with their toy when they hear a squeak. The stitching and seam should be your first durability test when it comes to these toys.

Arguably, some pet owners consider plush toys to be the most misunderstood and misused dog toys. 

While others are okay and will tolerate their dogs tearing and dissecting the stuffed plush toys, others prefer to train and teach their dogs to keep their plush toys as companions for a good night’s sleep.

Plush toys are available in an endless array of shapes, sizes, and make– to suit all breeds from medium to aggressive chewers alike. Here are our top picks that came out strong for interactive and safe plush toys good for bulk sale;

Dog Interactive Puppy Toys- Hot Online Pet Toys

Made specifically for interactive play and sturdy dental health, the Dog Interactive Puppy Toys- Hot online Pet Toys are designed really tough but still vulnerable.

Manufactured in different makes and styles, these multifunctional fitted plush toys are great for playing tug, bonding with owners, and massaging your pups’ teething mouth. 

The plush squirrels are fitted with a colored and bristled rubber ball on the upper body for great dental hygiene clean up, alleviating boredom, and minimizing periods of isolation distress as a multi-tasking toy

Each squirrel has a squeaker that will fascinate and interest your pet even more and other dogs will be tempted to join and play tug against each other. 

However, when introducing this toy, guidance and supervision are necessary to ensure safe play and longevity of your new pet toy.

The Dog Interactive Puppy toys are made with durable fabric material, non-toxic, phthalate-free TPR rubber, and better stitched soft safe cotton. They are machine-washable as well.

New Dog Interactive Puppy Toys For Small Breed Hot Online Pet Toys
New Dog Interactive Puppy Toys For Small Breed Hot Online Pet Toys

No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Stuffless plush toys are proven to be safe and pose no choking hazards from tear-ups. This protects your buddy when playing either indoor or outdoor unsupervised.

That means that you won’t have to worry about cleaning lightweight plush tears in your house with stuffless plush in the house.

Every dog plays differently and so guidance, training, and supervision are also necessary for toys to last longer.

These plush animal toys are lightweight, easy for your dog to carry, play toss, or tug, or even flex, and hunt game with. The toys are designed with double squeakers to engage your dog more when playing with their plush toys.

Your dog won’t be bored or engage in destructive chewing. Having a stinking breath with this addition in their life is a big NO.

From an interactive animal design, these plush toys are made with durable, non-toxic, soft, and premium quality fabric materials that are machine-washable and precisely stitched to promote healthy dental hygiene.

No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy
No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Dog Cotton Rope Toys

Rope toys must be the favorite toy for all dogs. Virtually every dog breed gets to play with them. From fetching to tugging, Dog Cotton rope toys will literally take the fun playtime to new lengths.

Another good thing with rope toys is that they are fairly inexpensive and they come in different lengths and with varying knot sizes as well. These rope toys are mostly colored, but this is done using non-toxic dyes that are safe and harmless to your pet

Dog Cotton Rope toys are actively engaging and will help create a deeper bond between you and your furry friend as you tug and play toss. A great innovation to this toy is that your pet will get to floss their teeth when chewing on the woven fabric knots too.

Poorly home and/factory made rope toys can be shred and pose a choking and potential health hazard to your pet. For this reason, quality rope toys that we’ve produced, checked and found to be durable, friendly, and safe to include in your store’s inventory.

Interactive Rope Puppy Teething Toys Dog Chew Toys

Another mental stimulating and dental enrichment toy from XY Pet Toys, the Interactive Rope Puppy Teething Toys comes in a very sturdy and multi-tasking design as well.

This interactive toy has a rope made of safe, strong, and durable soft cotton material for healthy and distress-calming chews. This toy appeals for both indoor, and outdoor games– tug,  toss, and pets toy playing and sharing too.

Besides the rope, the toy comes with textured rubber gear molar chews. These are great for cleaning your dog’s tongue, teeth, and gums when chewing and gnawing their toy.

In addition to the gears, this toy is also fitted with a rubber chew ball next to the gears and can be an exciting toy for your pup to chew on. Let your pup enjoy switching between the array of combined toys in this combo.

Interactive Rope Puppy Teething Toys Dog Chew Toys are made of non-toxic and safe TPR rubber materials. They are available in size  46 and weighs a total of 157 grams on arrival.

Dog Toy Set

The trick about this surprise treat is that puppies and new dogs will always have an assortment of the hottest and most popular pet toys available in the market at a go. 

Particularly for pet owners with more than 1 dog, or who are planning to get a new pup(s), Dog Toy Set is a good selection of different dog toys packaged together. This gift toys set arrives in different flavors, textures, material fiber, and for different games, training, and exercises too.

Great for all petting families, set toys are very beneficial for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. They help maintain healthy dental hygiene, promote physical and mental stimulation, and also satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew. This is the silver bullet for new pet owners.

Inclusive in XY Pets dog toy pack are rope dog toys, plush toys, IQ treat balls, rubber dog toothbrush stick, rubber bone, and a frisbee disc. All these toys encourage a lively and healthy pet.

 Here are our best performing dog toy packs that you’ll be glad to include in your store this year;

Dog Toy Balls Set

The dog toy Toy balls set is a collection of 5 different types of balls that are specifically designed to promote, interact and enrich the livelihood of your canine friend.

A great choice for physical exercise, mental stimulation, teeth cleaning, and also feeding, Dog Toy Balls Set are just the perfect fit to introduce more excitement and fun when playing with your dog at home or when your dog wants to go out in the pack. 

The pack has 5 balls, 1 bite-resistant teething ball toy, 1 IQ treat dispensing and feeding toy, 1 elastic but tough and durable buoyant squeaky ball toy, and finally 1 elastic and a bite-resistant bouncy rubber ball to play fetch.

 The IQ treat ball is a popular toy that’s very helpful in training your dog healthy slow eating habits and not gobbing their food in a few minutes. As a slow feeder, the toy will improve your pet’s digestive health and prevent digestion discomforts like bloating.

The IQ-treat ball will make your dog and pups smart. Treats and dog snacks can be filled in this hollow IQ-treat ball and as your pet works their way out and physically interacts with the ball to make it roll, they are rewarded with sweet spilling treat bounties.

In the pack is a teething chew ball toy too. A teething toy is necessary, especially for pups that are just developing their adult teeth. Treat ball also helps big dogs with their natural chewing instinct as well.

A teething toy is designed to help teeth cleaning and can also embed small treats to encourage your friend to clean. 

 The amazing thing with the teething ball is that dog’s toothpaste or other spreadable treats can be applied on the serrated rubber teeth on the ball cracks and dogs will be super attracted to play with the toy for extended playtime naturing their oral health. 

Massage your pet’s gums, get rid of bad breath, pain in the gums, tartars, or plaques build up with the teething ball.

In the package comes a squeaky ball as well. Squeakers are known to arouse more interest and attract dogs to come and play when they hear a squeaking noise. Squeaking balls are great for playing toss and fetch. 

Squeaking balls are great for releasing and exhausting excess destructive energy,  killing boredom, and keeping your buddy busy and positively occupied.

The last ball in the pack is an elastic and high bouncing buoyant rubber ball that takes playtime a notch higher, or rather lower. Yes! In the swimming pool, or by the shores. Your pet will probably have a ‘fun-rush’ after taking this toy out.

These toys will create a deeper bond between you and your canine friend when you play together indoors or outdoors.

All the balls in this set are manufactured and designed using safe, chemical-free, and non-toxic TPR rubber material approved by vets as safe for pet chewing and biting.

dog toy balls set
Dog Toy Balls Set

Dog Toy Set Pack

 Both for physical wellness and mental stimulations, Dog Toy Set Pack will never disappoint a caring owner. From rope toys, plush toys, teething toys, IQ treat-dispensing toys, to the most interactive puzzle toys– your dog will have an array of activities and games to play.

A dog toy set pack is the ultimate bundle of joy and wish that every dog would ask Santa on Christmas.

Rope toys are a great addition to your pet’s toy collection. 

Carefully and safely designed to care for your dog’s physical exercise, indestructible and long-lasting rope toys will help you to bond deeply with your pet. You can play tug of war, throw, or just allow your pet to chew their rope toy in peace as you watch and cheer.

Rope toys help dogs relax and calm down as they play. This helps avoid destructive chewing and trains your dog positive chewing whenever their teething mouth wants to cool that extra energy off.

The IQ treat-dispensing toy is also another addition to this toy pack. The IQ treat toy is great in training your dog to eat slowly for healthy digestion. Instead of hurriedly eating all their food only to face indigestion complications after a few hours, an IQ-treat toy will teach your pet slow feeding

The treat toy has also an added feature that makes it really an IQ toy. Stimulate your dog’s physical and mental muscles with this toy. 

Because the toy is designed to dispense food slowly and smartly, your dog has no option other than to learn and master how to bend the toy as he plays for endorphins rewarding treats when they figure out their puzzling toy.

Another toy in this pack is the teething chew toy. Great with almost every breed, chew and teething toys will help your dog clean their teeth and maintain healthy oral hygiene during playtime. 

There are several variations of teething and chew toys in this set. Rubber bone, Molar Gear Chews, rubber dog, toothbrush stick, and rubber dumbbells are all-inclusive in this package

Outdoor games are the most engaging games with your dog. For this reason, apart from rope toys that you can play both indoor and outdoor games, this set comes with a textured rubber frisbee that your dog will find satisfying because of the fast running exercise.

Again, the Dog Toy Set pack never disappoints. Whether you have more than 1 dog at home or you are in the plans of getting new puppies, there is something for each pet in your home from Dog Toy Set Pack. 

As an entrepreneur, even your business can never go wrong with this toy set.

dog toy set
dog toy set

How Does The Future Look for the Industry?

Although the pandemic has affected many industries without a doubt, from a business perspective, the last thing your want for your store is a whole bunch of dead inventory despite the COVID pandemic. 

Working with us means you’ll move inventory fast, and feed a growing, devoted customer base with new and interesting products–we meet the market’s ever-growing demand and produce even more meaningful and innovative products by the day.

Join our wholesale program and we’ll propel your pet toys business in the right trajectory. 

Just take a few minutes and fill out our quotation form below for any inquiries. 

As soon as we verify and process your request, you will land yourself in the leading bulk-sale pet toys manufacturing factory in the industry. Our support team will contact and help guide you where you feel stuck.


How to teach your dog to chew toys, not items?

New dogs and puppies are hard to train. However, the substitution method works best.  Your dog will learn what’s supposed to be chewed, especially when you introduce treats in their chew toys.

what dog toys are indestructible for dogs who chew?

Almost every dog toy can be made indestructible. However you should check on the material used; you want to go for durable, tough, and bite-resistant, toy-making materials to find long-lasting dog toys.

what materials are dog chew toys made of?

Dog chew toys are made of safe, non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate-Chemical free natural TPR rubber, while Dog Plush and Rope Toys are made of soft, safely-dyed, non-toxic cotton fabric.

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