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Where Can Pet Stores Procure Wholesale Dog Toys In Bulk?

Dog Toy wholesale and supplier

When pet store owners think of filling or redesigning their inventory with new, interesting, and transformative pet toys, there are many suppliers and local distributors to go to. However, unlike your average supplier and other wholesale distributors, XY Pet Toys are a leading global exporter of high-quality interactive pet toys collections designed to the USA and European markets’ standards.

With a competitive edge in Research and Development, Custom Brands, and White-Label or Private-Label designs, XY Pet Toys offers pet stores all over the world the leverage they need to compete with other big chain stores by meeting the latest pet-toys market needs.

From chew toys, treat-dispensing toys, plush toys, to IQ, and interactive rope toys, our direct factory prices will guarantee your business great margins. Our consistent western design and quality offer amazing product longevity, while our short and timely lead time keeps your store fully loaded with a variety of pet toys 24/7.

Getting bulk supplies from our factory will save you money and cut the cost of doing business when outsourcing your inventory from other vendors. With the help of the best B2B supplier, skyrocketing your pet-toys business is now just a click away.

As a leading exporter and manufacturer in the pet toys’ industry, our bulk pet toy supplies fall under the following categories;

Xin Yi Dog Toys
Xin Yi Dog Toys—QC

1. Wholesale Plush Dog Toys

Finding the best wholesale prices for your pet toy business can really help you scale your business. Buying products from qualified suppliers at factory prices guarantee you high margins when reselling the dog toys in your outlet.

XY Pet Toys collections feature soft chew toys for dogs. Our products are designed to suit and meet the needs of every dog breed. From puppies to big dogs, our plush toys offer all dogs exciting and interactive playtime. Plush toys are also a great comforting company for both senior dogs and puppies when being introduced to their new homes.

After a playful day, when all the hunting energy and fun is over, some dogs love to use their plush toys as pillows while others simply love carrying their plush toys around. At our wholesale plush dog toys product line, we tailor your stores’ inventory with soft toys designed in assorted animal shapes and sizes to meet and improve the well-being of your customer’s pet.

The coolest thing that makes plush toys a favorite among pets and owners is that they can be easily washed and cleaned after playful games are over. Dog plush toys can be used as chew toys for relieving your furry friend’s stress as well.

During the plush toys design process, we use different material fabrics to offer dogs different toys textures as they play. Our dog toys are mostly designed with squeakers or shaped as plush bones to take many interactive forms for an added playtime. However, pet store owners should be keen and inform their customers that plush toys are made from materials like polyester fiberfill, which are not fully digestible if ingested.

For this reason, pet owners should always keep watch if they have aggressive chewers that may tear the squeaky plush toys off when unsupervised. Big plush toys are great for snuggling if your dog shows separation anxiety when left alone. If you want to get our discounted wholesale prices on these training/behavioral dog plush toys on your next bulk order, leave us an inquiry, and we’ll help you get started.

2. Bulk Christmas Dog Toys

With the holy jolly Christmas tree already trimmed and decorated, wrapped up presents and gifts are the next thing that makes the x-mas holiday complete. And while pet owners will get a high-five from the delicious and yummy treats they give their canine friends, spoiling them with Christmas dog toys is the real deal when it comes to this holiday fun festive season.

It’s not just us who love unwrapping Santa’s presents on Christmas morning, but our dogs also love getting off the leash and open their gifts as well. Whether they made it to the Santa’s good boy or girl list, or they appeared on the naughty list all through, Hey, why not get them a Christmas dog toy or holiday dog toy to rock their canine world with?

Unique x-mas gifts for dogs are fun additions to have on Christmas day. And with our Christmas dog toys wholesale filling every pet store’s toy collection, you can’t afford to leave your furry friend without anything to unwrap this festive season. Let your pet store blow pet owners away as they shop around an expansive and great selection of x-mas dog toys from XY Pet Toys’ holiday supplies. With specific festive colors of green, white, and red, our bulk x-mas dog toys are designed to add some sparkle and festive cheers to your pet store and pet owner’s home decor as well.

Using safe coloring, our holiday dog toys have Santa’s and snowflakes details for a delightful and exciting festivity full of winter-wonderland dog toy collections. XY Pet Toys have great bulk Christmas-dog-toy supplies ranging from seasonal squeaky toys, a wide range of animated plush x-mas toys, to fun Christmas puzzle toys under our belt. Your customers will surely have lots of canine holiday cheer with all these assortments available at your pet store.

To get hold of our huge wholesale Christmas dog toys at affordable wholesale prices, just reach out to us by filling the inquiry form, and our in-house sales team will walk you through all our catalogs and see your order fulfilled as the seasons warm up to keep you in business. Get in touch today!

3. Eco-friendly Wholesale Dog Toys

Pet’s well-being and pet owner’s peace of mind are the centers of everything we do here at XY pet toys. From our many years of experience in manufacturing safe and healthy pet toys, we understand how close and the important role dogs play in completing our livelihood as home and family pets. This is why, with each toy collection we design, we have your dog’s best interest and green business practice in mind.

Our Eco-friendly dog chew toys are made from natural rubber to develop organic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable dog toys. As a leading exporter of the best eco-friendly dog toys in the market, our sustainable pet toys are made with non-toxic and BPA-Phthalate free materials. Organic cotton, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles and rubber, rice husks, organic industrial hemp, and food-grade silicone are our most used raw materials in our products. Despite these materials being recyclable and biodegradable, many of these reused raw materials would otherwise end up in landfills

In our wholesale and bulk orders for eco-friendly dog toys, XY pet toys offer the most competitive and unbeatable deals for sustainable and dish-washable green dog toys. Our research and development team at XY pet toys are always on-toes to make sure that pet store owners only fill their stores with compostable, sustainable, and environmental-friendly designed pet toys that are harmless and offer health benefits to our canine friends.

For amazing and discounted wholesale prices on sustainable eco-friendly dog toys, fill up the inquiry form, and we’ll send you our ever-green sustainable dog toys catalog with personalized quotations.

Xin Yi Dog Toys
Xin Yi Dog Toys

4. Halloween Dog Toys Wholesale

While everyone across the world is getting into the hauntingly vibe of the most spooky day on the calendar, this year’s trick, treat, or boo moments shouldn’t leave man’s 4-legged and furry friend behind. However, despite it being a frightening Halloween season and full of sweets with all the sugary stuff, our dog’s better not have those candies. Yes, even for treats, for the sake of their well-being! As other family members dive into Halloween’s candy bag, parenting pet owners should get their pooch in the wicked spooky spirit of Halloween with creepy Halloween dog toys or costumes only.

And just in time for the Halloween holiday and parties, XY Pet Toys got pet store owners all over the globe intrigued with the clever and crazy designs they have for Halloween dog supplies at ridiculous wholesale prices. These new eco-friendly wholesale Halloween dog toys feature exciting products that will set the Halloween mood and fun for all dog breeds whose accessories are shopped in your pet store. Despite the type of Halloween dog toys your customers are looking for, we manufacture and supply personalized dog toys in a variety of styles and all the craziest iconic horror movies characters to suit any Halloween theme. Our custom-made wholesale dog toys avenue will provide you with the right Halloween items to fill your inventory to the brim.

In making sure that your customers’ Halloween is lit and a happy occasion for their dog as well, our catalog has creepy plush toys, shaped IQ treat toys, and tug toys made in bone-chilling designs. In addition to the wicked fun, the interactive elements imposed on the toys will keep your customers and their pooch interested in playing with the toys even after Halloween is over.

On top of our superior quality dog toys, our wholesale prices on bulk orders, and our smart craftsmanship will leave your customers spoiled for options as they shop around for trendsetting Halloween dog toys in your pet store. And with discounted offers for distributors, we guarantee your business great margins to keep your business running like it’s Halloween’s high season all year long. For more information and to receive an instant quote with all our products, please contact us by filling the inquiry form, and we’ll help you place your order.

5. Rubber Dog Balls Wholesale

There are a ton of play toys for dogs out there. Ranging from Frisbees, chewable rope toys, to interactive and mental stimulating gadgets, however, dogs will always go for rubber dog balls any time of the day. Any dog breed will tell you how much fun and satisfaction they get by just chasing the rubber balls alongside their master. Rubber dog balls can be so much fun for pups and with some creativity in play, there are a zillion games a rubber dog ball can offer your pet.

But much like choosing a kennel or a bowl, a ball also has to come in an appropriate size to match your pooch size and avoid swallowing or choking hazards posed by smaller balls. For this reason, the American Kennel Club puts a disclaimer and warns pet owners who use tennis balls as dog toys. As a pet store owner, instead of your customers exposing their dog to abrasive tennis balls that can potentially chock their dog when torn, offer them safer and healthier rubber dog ball options before their next game of fetch or toss. With our competitive discount and wholesale offers on fashionable rubber dog balls, your store is guaranteed an inventory worth bringing you more return customers whenever you restock.

Our rubber dog balls wholesale avenue has every type of dog ball ever imagined, diversifying your store’s catalog. From light-weight balls that are easy for throwing and fetching, to buoyant floating balls for dogs that love swimming, and glow-in-the-dark bouncing balls that allow your furry friend to play even past daylight. Our dedication to improving your store’s selection for dog balls will suit any dog occasion. XY pet toys have dog’s well-being and best interest at heart. As our core value; the more we care, the more your store becomes a reputable one-stop shop for all your customers’ dog needs.

All our products at the rubber dog balls wholesale program are designed and manufactured in varying sizes, from 2 inches for small pups to 10 inches for larger dog breeds. Topped with colorful appearances to capture the dog’s attention from afar, all the collections are made with non-toxic natural rubber material. Some rubber balls can be filled with treats and serve as IQ treat balls for mental stimulation and physical exercise as well.

To get your store stocked up with our superior quality rubber dog balls at great wholesale prices, just leave us an inquiry by filling the form below and our wholesale program experts will be sure to help and guide you all the way until your order arrives.

Xin Yi Dog Toys
Xin Yi Dog Toys

6. Custom Dog Toys Bulk Sale

Man’s 4 legged, canine friend is an integral part of his life. Therefore, finding the perfect toy to keep them engaged and entertained can be a nerve-wracking decision for your customers. Aside from demanding safe and quality dog toys, as a pet store owner, you should know the exact needs and specifications your customers shop for when buying toys for their furry friends at your retailer. Because of this, XY pet toys are now making personalized pets’ toys according to your design to help improve your sales and meet your regular customer’s specific requirements.

The creative team that produces our best-selling dog toys has a dedicated workshop to develop customized and private label pet toys with your brand, company, or store’s name on them. Our premium dog toys are designed to the highest British and European standards and they can now be developed according to your requested quality and tailored to have a personalized branded touch that matches your business objectives.

As a shopper favorite supplier, all our product lines can be custom-made to manufacture the perfect dog toys for your customers in bulk. You just have to choose the design, materials, and all the functionalities you want to be included. While in the process of making your custom wholesale dog toys, our design team will go through multiple quality-control tests in our factory to make sure that every aspect of the pet toy is up to standards before being shipped to you.

How to Order—Let’s Design

1. Share Your Design

Contact us by filling the inquiry form and tell us what you have in mind, which toy type you want to develop, and what design you want to be conceptualized. Within 48 hours, our team will reach back to you with a personalized quote just for you.

2. Receive Your Prototype

After telling us what you are looking to create, our in-house design team will send you a prototype for your approval before we start producing the ordered custom dog toys in bulk.

3. Complete Your Order

Once we get your approval on the prototype, our production team starts the manufacturing process. Our quality control team alongside our factory dog (actual tester) performs the final scientific checks. Once everything is in check as ordered, we deliver your store’s new custom-made dog toys with all specifications in check as ordered.

If you are looking for dog toy products and accessories worthy of inclusion in your pet store, something truly special to you and your customers, talk to our in-house design team today regarding the information on our custom and private label dog toys and take the first step to bring your ideas to life.

Xin Yi Dog Toys
Customized Design slow feeder plate


Where can I buy wholesale pet supplies?

The best place to get your pet supplies at a wholesale price is from your local pet supplier or distributors. Searching on the internet is also a viable option to see some manufacturers who can fulfill bulk orders at a good wholesale price. Among the best wholesale dog toys suppliers on the internet, XY Pet Toys offer the most competitive rates, have superior quality pet products, and their fulfillment is always on time.

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