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A Complete Guide on How to Choose the Best Dog Toys for Puppies: Build a Pet-Awesome Store in 2021!

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According to a recent business report by BBC News, more than 3.2 million households in the UK have dogs that were purchased as puppies last year. However, it’s known for a fact that puppies will chew on just about anything, from your favorite shoes to your very expensive furniture. They naturally love chewing almost everything–especially when they are still new and untrained. This is why dog toys for puppies are a great idea for the newest member of the family!

Puppies aren’t fully grown until they’re around two years old so they still have their baby teeth at this stage and they’re just exploring the world around them with their mouth. For this reason, getting them a puppy chew toy or a puppy teething toy is what you want to satisfy their natural chewing urge.

Because these dog chew toys help keep puppies occupied, this means that most dog owners out there will go through a few dog toys for puppies in those first few months. Pet toys are also the only best way to keep a new pooch active and happy as they settle in their new family. Any dog will definitely love you for getting them a toy even at old age!

Now, as a pet store owner, how do you know if your store is selling the right dog toys for puppies? How do you find manufacturers, suppliers, factories, that wholesale the best dog toys for puppies on the internet and buy from them at great wholesale prices?

Well, glad you found us, we’re here with a little primer to help you find the best puppy toys that are ideal for your customers’ furry friends and your pet store business as a whole. Get more information on XY bulk puppy toys here!

Step-up your Store’s Dog-Toy Shelves–Getting Started with Good Dog Toys for Puppies

There are different types of dog toys available on the worldwide global market today. From stuffed toys and ropes to interactive puzzle games and squeaky balls, there is bound to be something that will catch any pup’s attention.

When choosing the best toys for pups and other small dog breeds, it is important to ensure that the pet toy matches their play style. Choosing the right dog toys for your customers’ puppies can go a long way in their development. For example, because many pups love tugging at their toy, then you should consider ordering a rope toy or tug-toy to meet your customers’ pet needs.

If their pups love chewing more, then puppy chew toys or puppy teething toys are what you should be looking for. For you to grow in this business, the trick is in making sure you are nurturing your relationships with pet owners. A well-behaved pet makes everyone happy. Make sure your customers’ dogs are meeting their wildest dreams all year long

Some dogs love to play fetch, others like toys they can dig in the dirt with, and others simply enjoy chewing on cuddly bones. If you want to be the best dog toy retail store out there, we highly recommend getting a few high-quality and good dog toys for puppies from XY Pet Toys as your first step.

Top 5 Benefits of Shopping for Puppy dog Toys from Wholesale Manufacturers

Xin Yi Dog Toys
XY Pet Toys–Manufacturers of dog toys for Puppies

When you get a dog for the first time, you’re really excited. But it can be hard to know what to do with your dog once the two of you start bonding. Your dog will learn things like sit and come pretty fast. You need to give them toys so that they can start learning about other things on their own. It will take some time, but you’ll love the process even more at the end of it all!

It’s no secret that pet toys are a great way of entertaining your dog. This is simply because dogs are naturally playful animals and playing with toys helps keep them mentally and physically stimulated. In turn, dog toys will support your dog’s overall health and well-being. Puppy dog toys will also make sure your dog is always engaged, happy, and boredom-free.

Here are our 5 discoveries on how dog toys can be great and beneficial for both you and your dog;

1. Pet Toys and High IQ intelligent Puppies

Pet toys are a great way to keep your pet occupied during the day. Dogs are known to be intelligent and human-like in their behavior. This is why they require mental stimulation every day, they are bored without it. Right now there are many pet toys on the market that come with benefits like mental stimulation and interactive playtime.

Pet Toys have been scientifically proven to help pups become smarter and develop a dog’s IQ to become more intelligent by providing them with mental stimulation that they might not get from just being at home all day long.

When your pup is playing with an IQ treat ball or any other IQ puzzle toys, they learn more as they discover how to make the toys spill out treats from stuffed treat toys. The challenges that the toys present will help stimulate your dog’s mind and maintain its intelligence as they grow up.

Many pet owners admit that it’s even therapeutic for you to watch your puppies play with these toys and solve more challenging games.

2. Dog Toys and Physical Exercise Enrichment for Pups

Pet toys make dogs and puppies live happy and healthy lives. A dog owner knows the importance of physical exercise for dogs. Dog toys for puppies will keep your dog engaged, active, and entertained for hours.

When you purchase dog toys, you’re giving your puppy hours of exercise and fun. Dog toys for puppies like frisbee and bouncing balls allow your pooch to run, chase, and burrow just like they might in the wild but now with a comfy bed and a full bowl of food at the end of the day. Chew toys on the hand are effective for jaw exercises while squeaky toys improve your pup’s sense of hearing.

Some ball toys are big enough to be just engaged by your dog’s paws. Other dog toys can be smeared with treats and stimulate your puppy’s sense of smell. You can be sure that pet toys will give your dog a more effective workout than sitting around the house all day long.

However, never replace dog walks and outdoor activities with toys, let your dog get plenty of exercises so you’ll have a happier, healthier friend. Dog toys should only compliment your pet’s healthy lifestyle!

3. Dog Toys for Puppies Help Deal with Dog Anxiety, Fatigue, Stress, and Boredom

Dogs live with us in our homes. They spend most of their time in the same room as we do and have very limited space to move around. These factors can lead to boredom, stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Build up of excessive energies will otherwise lead to excessive barking or destructive behaviors. This leaves many dog owners to struggle with their pets’ boredom, stress, and anxiety as the main petting challenge.

Whether your pet is a puppy or an adult dog, dog toys for puppies can help with these challenges by providing a way for them to be busy having fun and offers them a much-needed outlet for any excess energy. Dog toys occupy your dog’s attention as they play. With the right dog toys and training, you and your four-legged friend will be having lots of fun. Fun is very healthy for any puppy!

Dog chew toys can reduce and prevent behavioral problems, prevent anxiety, and help cope with fatigue and stress in large dogs or puppies. In addition to that, dog toys for puppies will also offer a solution for noise control in the house and help your pup socialize with other dogs when playing with these toys.

4. Pet Toys for Puppies and Overall Health Benefits

Pet toys for dogs can be beneficial to your puppy’s health as well as their emotional wellbeing. Toys provide pet owners with an opportunity to be more proactive about their pet health. If a dog does not have toys to play with, your pooch most of the time may over-exercise or become anxious without proper stimulation.

Dog pet toys can ward off conditions such as separation anxiety, obesity, and joint issues such as dog arthritis (osteoarthritis) that pets will probably experience as they age. A dog’s oral health can also be positively impacted by pet toys through positive chewing behavior and clean pet dental hygiene.

Chewing dog toys, such as pet bones and pet rope toys, help dogs maintain clean oral hygiene. In fact, it is a known fact that pet dogs who chew pet toys have less tartar build-up on their teeth. Dental diseases are not only very painful for dogs to experience but can also be detrimental to overall pet health.

Playing with pet toys strengthens will also strengthen your pup’s body and keep their muscles strong. Exercising and playful activities increase pet stamina and overall muscle and joint health. This greatly helps prevent obesity in dogs.

5. How Dog Toys Improve Dog Training

Because puppies and big dogs alike learn better when they are happy and excited, your pet will be motivated to train more when you use pet toys. A pet trainer can control a pet’s actions by rewarding him with a pet toy for good behavior or removing the pet toy from a misbehaving pet.

A pet toy can be utilized for teaching commands, improving behavior, and increasing the bond between pet owner and pet. Toys have been shown to improve the relationship between a pet owner and their pet by reducing dominance behaviors in pets, decreasing barking or whining in pets, and encouraging proper chewing.

Treats and pet toys are reinforcers for pets, which means they make pet training more pleasurable and help with obedience.

Dog toys for puppies aid in the reduction of undesirable habits like chewing on furniture or other household items. Toys are also beneficial because they can be used as food dispensers to feed your puppy his or her daily meal slowly and prevent bloating. This is beneficial training for dogs or puppies with poor eating habits.

The 5 Best Dog Toys for Puppies in 2021–Pet Store Owners can Start Ordering Now!

Dog toy factory and supplier
A pet owner playing with their puppy

A pet store owner should consider a few factors when purchasing dog toys for their shop. Firstly, the owner will need to go with a reputable manufacturer like XY Pet Toys in order to receive quality standard products in a timely manner. Quality products should be long-lasting, eco-friendly, and safe for your customers’ pets.

Secondly, they should determine what types of puppy toys they want to stock based on the current market conditions and pet industry news. This is why we have prepared this guidepost to help pet store owners and other dog toy distributors know what are the best puppy toys as they shop bulk dog toys for puppies.

1. LED Glowing Dog Toys

Pet Luminous Floating Ball Durable Glow In The Dark Ball
LED Glowing Dog toy for puppies

The LED Glowing Dog Toy is the perfect toy to keep any pup that visits your store entertained. It’s made with TPR food-grade materials, so it’s safe and durable. Your customer’s pets will love playing with this fun puppy toy for dogs!

This interactive LED Glowing Dog Toy can be used to play fetch or just for socializing with your furry friend. They won’t be able to resist chasing after this glowing ball! And because it glows in the dark, the best part is that you can easily find it at night when your pooch drops it somewhere in the house. This product is also great for helping dogs get rid of their bad habits like chewing on furniture, carpet, shoes, or other items around the house that aren’t meant for them to chew on.

Click here right now to purchase or bulk order these amazing LED Glowing Dog Toys today before we sell out!

2. Treat Dispensing Toys for Puppies

Xin Yi Dog Toys
Treat dispensing toy

You won’t find another amazing toy like Treat Dispensing Dog Toy for puppies on the market today. Not only does the toy pamper pups and other big dogs with a reward of treats, but it also rewards them with physical and mental activity—which has loads of benefits! By keeping puppies engaged, they stay happy and healthy, and less prone to bored, destructive behaviors.

It can also be very frustrating for pet owners to try and keep their furry friends from eating all their food in just one sitting. Treat-Dispensing Toy is the perfect solution to this problem as well! As the toy allows your pup to work for his treats by rolling the ball around until he gets them out, it will also help train him to slow down his eating habits.

As your pet gets better at getting his snacks out, owners can use the adjustable levels to keep increasing the challenge so that their pup never gets tired of playing with this fun toy. It’s not just an amazing product but it also offers an incredible experience you can give any pet every day of their life. The best part? Your pup will love working hard for his food while having fun at the same time!

It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life. The best part? Your pup will love working hard for his food while having fun at the same time! With all these benefits in mind, why wouldn’t you want to stock up your inventory with this product? Click here to check out our free quotations today!

3. Puppy Plush Toy for Dogs

Xin Yi Dog Toys
puppy plush toys

Our plush toys are soft, durable, and fun for dogs to play with all day long. These plushies are perfect for any dog breed or any pup size who loves to chew or tug at things during playtime. Most of the puppy plush toys will also make mysterious squeaky sounds when bitten keeping pups entertained even longer!

These toys also help clean teeth while playing which is great for keeping your pup healthy. Plush Toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your pup perfectly and easily.

Manufactured in unique animal shapes and designs, plushies allow pups to pull on limbs, arms, and feet so that they can keep playing more interesting and exciting games. Your customers won’t worry about handwashing the toys because they are machine washable too! What could be better for your pet store than wholesale puppy plush toys for dogs?

Well, to get started, fill out our free-of-charge inquiry form and get your personalized quotation before supplies run out!

4. Dog Chew Toys

Xin Yi Dog Toys
Dog Chew toys for puppies

We’ve got the perfect solution for your pet store! Our dog chew toys are designed to be durable and safe for big dogs and small pups alike. Pets can play with them all day long without destroying anything else in their homes. Plus, it’s a great exercise for keeping their teeth clean and massaging their gums as well!

Your pet customers now won’t have to worry about replacing shoes or pillows anymore because our dog chew toys will keep their pets entertained while protecting the furniture in their homes from damage.

Our chew toys are designed to keep pups busy and out of trouble. They’re made from durable, non-toxic rubber so they can stand up to the constant and heavy chewing of teething puppies. And if your pup is a power chewer, then he’s in for a treat. XY PetToys chew toys are made of reliable TPR rubber materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials. The sturdy structure design of the toys makes them extremely resistant to biting and provides long-term chewing support for dogs.

The designs come in different sizes so there is a chew toy for every breed of dog out there! Having an assortment of colors is also innovative for catching any pup’s attention in just a minute of tossing them the toys.

Make your customers bond with their pups even more by getting these new chew toy designs in your pet store. While stock last, make an inquiry for a custom order today!

5. Cotton Rope Toys for Puppies and Big Dogs

Xin Yi Dog Toys
rope toys for puppies

Dogs everywhere go crazy over Cotton Rope Toys! Any dog will love these toys because they are soft enough not to hurt his mouth but tough enough to stand up against hours of chewing. Your pet toy customers on the other hand will love them because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals like other rope toys on the market today.

Cotton rope toys are perfect for chewing games. They are made of 100% natural cotton fibers that help fight plaque build-up while flossing pet’s teeth simultaneously. No more expensive trips to the vet every month just because of bad dental hygiene habits. These toys are also great for both indoor or outdoor play with your pup, and they can even be used as a tug-of-war toy!

Our cotton rope toys are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and pet safety is our primary care. The rope toys for puppies also come in a variety of colors so pet owners can always pick out something fun for their pup. Your pet store can even order personalized rope toys with pets’ names on them! It’s the perfect way to show off how much you love your pet toy customers and their pets altogether.

Keep the pups around your region busy and satisfy their natural urge to chew with our wholesale cotton rope toys for puppies today! Leave us an inquiry to learn more about our products and discuss with the marketing team how to scale your pet toy business.

Final Thoughts on Pet Toy Business

I hope you found this article helpful. If you are looking for an amazing wholesale manufacturer to purchase your dog toys at unbeatable factory prices, check out our recent blog post on the 6 Hot Wholesale Dog Toys in 2021.

And in the comments below, let me know what type of pet store chain you want to build? You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter if that’s more your thing–we would love it!


1. How to make dog toys for puppies

Making good dog toys for puppies doesn’t need to be difficult. You can always take some of your old t-shirts and make DIY dog toy puppies. Or, you can simply learn how big factories make dog toys for puppies at XY Pet Toys website.

2. What dog toys are good for puppies

Many dog toys can be good for puppies. For your new dog, however, you want to get the following pet toys from manufacturers like XY Pet Toys;

  1. LED Glowing Dog Toy
  2. Treat Dispensing Toys for Puppies
  3. Puppy Plush Toys for Dogs
  4. Dog Chew Toys
  5. Cotton Rope Toys for Puppies and Big Dogs
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